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TAISEI Co., Ltd. hereby affirms a commitment to observe laws and regulations and other relevant standards related to protection of personal information, and to engage and sustain the voluntary guidelines and system by setting the Privacy Policy as follows, for all personal information provided by its customers/business partners/employees during its business activities.

Privacy Policy

  • In order to fulfill the commitment noted above, we have established and abide by "Rules for Personal Information Protection" and keep our employees and stakeholders, including part-timer and dispatched employees, well-informed of the rules to practice them unfailingly, and will endeavor to make further improvements.
  • We will inform and make the necessary matters publicly available, including the purpose of use of personal information, when acquiring such information, and its acquisition will be made honestly by legal and righteous means.
  • Only the person who is authorized on the basis of his/her specific assignment will handle such personal information only when and where needed for business reasons and within the purpose range that we have informed and made publicly available .publicized.
  • We will take appropriate safety measures including information security measures to secure the correctness and safety of the personal information, and protect the personal information from fraudulent access, loss, damage, tampering, or leakage.
  • We will not provide any personal information to a third party, except when the owner of such information has agreed to, or when obliged to do so by laws and regulations related to personal information protection. When sharing personal information with a third party or entrusting the information to a third party to subcontract our business, we will take measures required legally to protect the personal information from leakage and other abuses by the third party.
  • We will take appropriate actions regarding the personal information when and where the owner of such information requests to disclose, correct, or stop using the information.