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Irrax wires have excellent heat- abrasion- and flame-resistance, and are used for wiring in electronic and other devices.
Wire harnesses enable reduction in size, weight, and width, and are used as assembling wire for signals and power in automobiles, railcars, industrial and OA equipment, home appliances, PCs and other electronic devices.


Flexible flat cables or ribbon cables, or SUMI-CARD are developed for internal wiring of electronic and electric devices that require compactness and high-performance. The cables have flexibility and sliding property, and are applied widely as a critical component in dense implementation.


The wiring material has copper circuit printed on extremely thin insulator film.
FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) contributes to reduction in size, weight and cost of multi-layered and dense electronic devices, and is available in small lots.


SUMI-TUBE has excellent mechanical properties including high-resistance to water, corrosion, and heat, electric insulation and shape memory. It is used for protection of coverings on in-car wire harnesses, brake pipes, etc.
SUMI-TUBE is printable insulating tube and shrinks by heating in the internal direction.


Lubrite, or sintered component with high-precision and high-intensity is an excellent material for manufacturing mass produced parts for automobiles, home appliances, OA equipment, composite material/parts and for molding of special shapes.


Used for optical fibers and devices, optical LAN, optical communication system, medical equipment, and image transmission, the cables deliver superior performance in high-speed transmission, capacity enlargement, miniaturization and weight saving, long-distance transmission, and insulation.

マグネットワイヤー MAGNET WIRE

Used for electrical equipment in automobiles, home appliances, electronic devices, various types of rotating machine, static equipment (transformers, coils), the magnet wires are adhesive, and resistant to heat, press molding, and abrasion.

Product Category Product Name Purpose of Use Characteristics
Wires/cables IRRAX Wire Wiring in electric/electronic devices, industrial equipment, railcars Electron beam crosslinking, heat-resistant, thin-shaped, small diameter, high intensity, halogen-free, high-speed data transmission balanced cable
SUMI-CARD Wiring in electric/electronic devices Flexible, flat, slidable
FPC Wiring in electric/electronic devices Multi-layered, high density circuit, available in small lot
Encoder Cable
Instrumentation Cable
Industrial equipment (FA, robots) Connectors mounted, flexible, grease resistant, cableveyor-less
Connector Cable Industrial equipment, Photovoltaic power generator Weather resistant, connector mounted
Sensor Cable Automobiles Hydrolysis-resistant, halogen-free, flexible
Winding wires Magnet Wire Winding wire for refrigerant/compressor motor Heat-resistant up to 200℃
Scratch resistant winding wire Press molding resistant, heat-resistant, abrasive
High-voltage heat-resistant winding wire HEV drive motor, support 860V, wound without interlayer paper
Special wire Triple Layer Wire IEC60601, power supply for medical equipment Miniaturization, weight-saving, UL insulating system
Connectors Connectors from various manufacturers Automobiles Dislocation-proof, vibration resistant, low-profile, compact, water-proof
Consumer appliances Dislocation-proof, automatic-mounting support
Industrial equipment Power/signal composite, high current, robust, water-proof
Heat-resistant, heat-shrinkable tubes IRRAX Tube Wiring in electric/electronic devices Electron beam crosslinking, halogen-free, solder resistant
SUMI Tube Wiring in electric/electronic devices Shape memory, insulating, water-proof, printable
IRRAX Sleeve Industrial equipment, communication devices, railway, piping Shape memory, insulating, water-proof, printable
Mold shrinkage products Wiring in electric/electronic devices Shape memory, insulating, water-proof, branched
Wire harnesses Sub-harness for automobile TS16949 approved
Consumer appliances UL approved
Industrial equipment UL approved
Railway equipment Halogen-free, instrumentable, railway platform gate
Electronic parts Speaker unit Finished lead wires
Sensors, switches Products of various manufacturers
Spring terminal blocks Man-hour reductiom, labor-saving, no retightening necessary
Fiber optic-related products   Media converters High-reliability, ITS domain (ETC)
Hub switches High-reliability, ITS domain (ETC)
Laser/receiver Optical devices (light-emitting/light receiving element) High-speed transmission, compact in size, broad temperature range
H-PCF Highly elastic, plastic core, assembled on-site
Composite fiber-optic cables Power supply/signal consolidated, connector mounted
Rotary connectors Contactless transmission/power supply, substitute slip ring
Optical modules SFP、XFP、X2 Optical data links High-speed transmission, compact in size, broad temperature range
SUMI-net Optical modems  
  Board design, mounting Heat/noise/transmission speed simulation
ACLC Data transmission modems with coaxial cable Utilize existing coaxial cable, 100 Mbps, support PoE
LED LED elements (modules)
Reflectors Coated with highly pure aluminum
Powder metallurgies In-car sintered products Near shape, high- reliablilty
Tungsten Heavy metals Sintered product, in form of flexible sheet
Electrical contact Silver, assembled product
Cutting tools Superfine micro drill
Soft magnetic sintered iron powder products Reactor, chalk coil, common rail, solenoid core
ZnSn (Zinc selenium) Optical lens parts Far-infrared transparent
Electronic materials Foam metal Nickel series Nickel hydride battery, filter element
Aluminum series
LIGA Electroformed micro parts Microfine inspection probe
Paste, ink Nano silver Substitute for old tin bonding, bloomless
Heat Release Materials AlN、AlSiC、Si-Si-C Ceramic series Light, low-thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity
Copper diamond Copper alloy series
High thermal conductivity, low-thermal expansion
Copper tungsten
Copper molybdenum
  Aluminum series Custom designed, narrow pitch fin
Others DLC coating Abrasion-proof, sliding coating Sliding loss reduction, self-lubricating
Crosslinked PTFE coating Abrasion-resistant, slip property